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            WJ45H/W Y型波紋管截止閥

            2019-06-13 14:33

            WJ45H/W Y型波紋管截止閥

            Y型直流式波紋管截止閥適用于公稱壓力PN1.6~ 16MPa,工作溫度- 29~350°C的石油、化工、制藥、化肥、電力行業等各種工況的管路上,切斷或接通管路介質。
            DIN Bellows Sealed Y type Globe Valve is applicable to the cutting and connectionof pipelines medium that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemicalindustry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power etc under normal pressureof PN1.6~ 1 6MPa and working temperature of -29~ 350°C.